I’ve been posting quite a bit about fun online video games that are great for English language development.  However, the ones I’ve listed, while they may help develop language and critical thinking skill, haven’t helped much with content knowledge.

Today I’m going to point out three new games I’ve linked to my website that are fun, promote English language development, are appropriate for Early Intermediate to Advanced English Language Learner, and teach a lot of content knowledge.

Go On a Family Adventure is a fun geography game from National Geographic, and is probably the most accessible of the three to English Language Learners. No registration is required.

Adventure Ecology is a little more complicated and requires easy and free registration.  Players can go on a series of expeditions around the world.  It also provides text with audio support.

Lastly, 3rd World Farmer puts players in the position of a….. 3rd World farmer.  They have to make the kinds of economic decisions that people have to make in the Third World.  There’s no audio support, and it’s probably the most difficult of the three games I’m writing about today.  But Intermediate English Language Learners should be able to handle it.

All three of these games are on my Geography page near the bottom of the Sites That Cover Many Areas section.