We primarily focus on developing writing skills in our Intermediate English classes.  I’ve written before about how positive I feel about the WRITE Institute’s materials for helping English Language Learners learn to write well.

It’s a great curriculum, but I also think it’s important to supplement it with additional materials.

Just, by chance, I happened upon a couple of sites that I think may be the best ones I’ve found so far that can be helpful to teach English Language Learners to write better.  It includes some online activities, and others to print out.

The Abu Dhabi Men’s College writing website has great sample essays, ideas for scaffolded instructions, and online activities for various types of academic essays.  WriteFix.com is another site developed by an instructor at the same college that is quite good, as well.

I’ve placed a number of direct links to their activities on my English Themes For Intermediates page under both Problem/Solution Essay and Compare/Contrast Essay.  I’m sure I’ll be adding more direct links as I teach additional essay forms.