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I have been trying to incorporate telling stories in my teaching, and I’ll be sharing specific examples in a future post.

For now, though, both for readers and for me, I wanted to bring together some related resources I’ve previously shared:

A LOOK BACK: STUDENTS REMEMBER MORE WHEN THEY TELL STORIES is a post about a piece I wrote for ASCD years ago, but which is no longer available on their website.

It refers to research by Renate and Geoffrey Caine. You can read more about their work here.

I also talk more about them in Get Organized Around Assets.


Quote Of The Day: The Importance Of Storytelling

Students Remember More When They Tell Stories

Telling Stories In Class Like Abraham Lincoln

English Language Learners And The Power Of Personal Stories

The Best Resources On “The Danger Of A Single Story”

The Importance Of Telling Stories When Teaching Or Presenting

Story Power in Presentations is a very good post on the importance of using stories in presentations. In fact, it provides “biometric evidence” demonstrating its effectiveness.

Storytelling Can Bridge Cultural Gaps is from ASCD.

You can read the transcript of this new TED Talk here: