Here’s the latest in my series of The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly. You might want to review Part One to get some background on this series of posts.

You might also want to check all my other “The Best…” lists. In fact, this one is somewhat of a milestone — it’s the fiftieth one I’ve done.

Here are some additional sites where English Language Learners, and others, can create engaging online content easily and quickly — without any registration needed:

CREATE YOUR OWN WORLD WAR II PROPAGANDA FILM: You can use the Propaganda Film Maker to combine images and audio to try convincing the public to support World War II. It’s a good site to us as part of a history lesson.

DESIGN A TALKING POSTCARD FROM A VACATION SPOT: Using this viral marketing campaign, you can take advantage of something called the Bluegreen Vacation Time Machine to pick a geographical location, use the text-to-speech feature, and email a url address talking about your make-believe trip. It’s a good language-development activity, as well as serving to reinforce some geographical info.

BE A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Choose your candidate and pretend that you are him or her. You can record your message with a computer microphone or call a toll-free number (or they can call you). Then email your impersonation to a friend or teacher and post the url.

CREATE THE END TO AN “APPRENTICE” EPISODE: You can watch a short version of the ridiculous television show The Apprentice and then make your own ending. Then email your creation to a friend or teacher and post its url address on a blog or online journal. This seems to work well with Firefox, but it may have some problems with Internet Explorer.

SEND SOME BEAUTIFUL CHINESE E-CARDS: The National Palace Museum in Taiwan has some great Asian artwork you can easily write about and then send to a friend or teacher for posting.

SEND AN E-CARD FOR MOTHER’S DAY: With Mother’s Day coming up in a few weeks, students could send some nice ones from Fun Punch, Up To Ten, Kidlink, and/or Toons Canada. You can post the url address of all the cards you create.

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