Tutpup is a new site where students can compete in math or spelling games against other students from around the world anonymously — either with a made-up name or no name at all.

There are a number of sites where users can compete in learning games like these. The problem I’ve had with them is that there is no way to “level the playing the field.” In other words, an English Language Learner might be playing against a native-English speaker. A situation like that does not create much encouragement for an ELLer if they are going to lose all the time.

However, the key difference between Tutpup and these other sites is that Tutpup has multiple levels of play to choose from going from extremely easy to extremely hard. This ability to choose your level helps a lot.

Plus, there’s some sort of teacher’s option that allows students to sign-up in a class. It’s not clearly explained on the website what this means exactly — can students choose to play online with their classmates? If that were the case, my opinion of Tutpup would increase even more. I’ve emailed them for clarification, and will post their response (assuming I receive one).

Users can register a nickname or they can play without registering. Their spelling game is a good listening exercise, since audio for the word is voiced and the player has to then type the word correctly.

For now, I’ve just placed the link on my Math page.