Pic-Lits is an intriguing new site that lets users pick an image from selection and then “drag-and-drop” words onto the image. The user’s creation can then be saved with a link posted, or it can be embedded.

It has some elements that might make it particularly useful to English Language Learners.

The words you can choose from are labeled by their parts of speech, and once you drop the word on the image you can see all the different verb conjugations and choose one. You can write a poem or describe the picture.

You also have the option of writing whatever words you want if you don’t want to be limited by the words available to drag-and-drop.

Jake Peters from Pic-Lits sent me an email letting me know about the site and saying they are doing a pilot project with a local school using it with their English Language Learners. Given that interest, one would assume the images available on the site will be classroom appropriate —
another advantage of the application.