Youniverse could be a great site for English Language Learners if it didn’t have one easily accessible feature that is too sexually explicit for use by young people.

It’s really unfortunate.  The site has a bunch of short personality-type “tests” that ask simple questions and then you respond by clicking on various images.  Reading the questions, choosing the photos, and then seeing the results would be a very engaging English-learning exercise for students.   I know my students would enjoy it.

However, even though the vast majority of the site would be appropriate, one of the quizzes uses sexually explicit imagery.  You’re supposed to swear that you’re over eighteen before you take it, but all it takes is  a click and you’re in.

I suspect that even ESL/EFL teachers of adults in a school setting would probably want to shy away from the site because of that particular quiz.  Perhaps somebody else will decide to develop a similar site that would be suitable for students.  I haven’t seen anything like it before.

If you have, though, please let me know in the comments.