Tonight’s Sixty Minutes program has an interview with David Kelley, known for “design thinking,” which “refers to incorporating human behavior into design.” TED also has some of his talks on video.

I’ve embedded a preview from tonight’s show below, though am not sure it will be seen on an RSS Reader. It sounds like he has some decent ideas, though the beginning of his video demonstrates his redesign of the classroom desk. Wheels on it? Um, I don’t think so. I’m all for movement in class (check out The Best Resources On Students Using Gestures & Physical Movement To Help With Learning)and I’m all for student autonomy, but bumper car desks are just going to be too tempting for many of my students. I wonder how many teachers he spoke with prior to developing his design?

Speaking of classroom furniture, The New York Times this week also had an interesting article headlined Ergonomic Seats? Most Pupils Squirm in a Classroom Classic.