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I’ve published several “Best” lists related to the Common Core, and thought that readers might find it useful if I brought them all together.

I was prompted to do this tonight after reading a good post: Five myths about the Common Core by Valerie Strauss in The Washington Post.

Here they are:

The Best Articles Sharing Concerns About Common Core Standards

The Most Useful Resources For Implementing Common Core

Q & A Collections: Implementing The Common Core is one of my posts over at Education Week Teacher. It brings together all my posts there on…the Common Core.

The Best Resources For Talking To Parents About The Common Core StandardsThe Best Resources On “Close Reading” — Help Me Find More

The Best Resources For Learning About Common Core Standards & English Language Learners

The Best Resources For Learning About The “Next Generation” Of State Testing

How The Common Core Became Education’s Biggest Bogeyman is from The Huffington Post. It gives a pretty good overview of what’s been happening with CCSS.

How Bill Gates pulled off the swift Common Core revolution is from The Washington Post.

Common Core might be the most important issue in the 2016 Republican presidential race. Here’s what you need to know about it. is from The Washington Post.

The Science Of The Common Core: Experts Weigh In On Its Developmental Appropriateness appeared in Forbes.

An incredibly revealing poll on teachers’ views of Common Core is from Vox.

The Best Resources For Teaching Common Core Math To English Language Learners

The Best Resources For Teaching The Next Generation Science Standards To English Language Learners

Charts: Common Core Implementation By The Numbers is from This Week In Education.

A primer on the divisive issue that may cost Jeb Bush the Republican nomination: Common Core is from The Washington Post.

Here’s an episode from the PBS News Hour. You can see the written transcript here:

Why 2015 is a crucial year for Common Core is from Vox.

Who was behind the Common Core math standards, and will they survive? is from The Hechinger Report.

Guest Post: One Teacher’s Perspective On Common Core Math

What happens when the Common Core becomes less … common? is from The Washington Post.

Quote Of The Day: “There Was A Misunderstanding” About CCSS & Non-Fiction Texts

Why are so many states replacing Common Core with carbon copies? is from The Hechinger Report.

Common Core or Something Else? A Map of State Academic Standards is from Ed Week.

Study Finds No Surprise: Only Between 30 & 40% Of Lessons Are Common Core-Aligned

The Common Core Explained is from Ed Week.

Educators in the Middle East Tackle the Common Core is from Ed Week.

The “All-Time” Best Resources On English Language Learners & The Common Core

Financial Woes Plague Common-Core Rollout is from The Wall Street Journal.


Common Core Used Widely, Despite Continuing Debate is from The Associated Press.

Even When States Revise Standards, the Core of the Common Core Remains is from Ed Week.