People might differ with my interpretation of a new study that has just come out (and I’d love to hear if you do), but it seems to me that it has found that standardized testing may measure how well a school is doing on training students on lower-level thinking skills needed to do well on…standardized tests, but has practically no value in measuring “fluid intelligence” abilities like ability to transfer knowledge in one area and apply it towards solving a problem in another.

The study comes from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and you can read their summary here.

Here’s an interview with one of the study’s authors, which I think is even more interesting. He’s very careful with his interpretation of its results — a characteristic that I wish other researchers .

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:


Study: High Standardized Test Scores Don’t Translate to Better Cognition is another article and video about the same study. It’s from U.S. News.

I’m adding this post to The Best Resources For Learning About The Concept Of “Transfer” — Help Me Find More.