This post was originally just a request to readers for suggested videos.  Though I continue to look for more, I immediately received a number of great recommendations and have turned this post into a “Best” list including videos.

I write a lot about metacognition on this blog (see The Best Posts On Metacognition) and in my books, and help my students develop metacognitive strategies. I’d like to use short clips from TV shows and movies that demonstrate metacognition in action, and was hoping that readers might help me find some.

This post includes several reader-suggested clips – and  can always use more!  Here are links to a few other similar Best video lists on different learning topics, like:

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Here are The Best Movie/TV Scenes Demonstrating Metacognition:

Paul Bruno shared this perfect one:

Jim Windisch recommended Sherlock’s “Mind Palace.” Here’s a link to a good clip (it’s not embeddable).

Leigh Woznick suggests this scene from The Princess Bride:

Leigh also suggests this scene from The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon teaches Penny physics. The most useful part is at about the 4:00 minute mark when Penny tells him she needs for him to slow down:

Metacognition researcher Steve Fleming suggests this Big Bang Theory clip:

I’m wondering if the Beatles song “Help” might work as an example, too: