Today, the Institute of Educational Sciences unveiled a redesign of their What Works Clearinghouse website that’s supposed to help districts, schools and educators access good research.

You can read all about it at Education Week’s good article, New ‘What Works Clearinghouse’ Aims to Help Districts Find Research for ESSA.

It appears to me, and I might be wrong, that most of the studies focus on specific “out-of-the-box” intervention programs that schools can purchase. If I am wrong, then I have to say I’m not too impressed with the redesign because I was unable to find research on practices. But maybe I just missed something obvious.

Earlier this year, Digital Promise created its own accessible portal for educational practices which I think teachers will find much more useful. You can read more about it at MindShift’s article, Digital Promise Puts Education Research All In One Place.

I’m adding this post to The Best Resources For Understanding How To Interpret Education Research.

Addendum: What Works apparently does have twenty “practice guides,” though they’re not obvious on their site.