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Here are some of the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference). There are a lot of them this month:

SAS Curriculum Pathways Introduces A Ton Of New Free Activities

“Playbuzz” Has Become A Remarkably Versatile Free Tool For Creating Online Games & Presentations

Quizlet Gets Even Better – You Can Now Create “Interactive Diagrams”

Great Lesson Idea – What Would You Put On Voyager’s “Golden Record”?

“Q & A Collections: Advice For New Teachers”

A Look Back: “We Should Be Obsessed With Racial Equity”

A Look Back: “Here’s My Entire ELL Beginners Seven-Week Unit On Writing A Story (Including Hand-outs & Links)”

Banning Racism With As Much Enthusiasm As Banning Fidget Spinners

Important Advice For White Educators (& Others)

“Don’t Be A Sucker”: Anti-Fascist Video Made By U.S. Military In 1943 Relevant Today

Video: “What to do when you realize classic books from your childhood are racist”

Q & A Collections: Differentiating Instruction

“Time-Travel” With Merriam-Webster To Learn When Words Entered The English Language

Statistic Of The Day: Yes, We Teachers Buy A Lot Of Food For Our Students To Eat

Very Interesting: The Most Important Letters In History

“Writing Sparks” Could Be A Useful Online Writing Tool

Resources For Spanish-Speakers Not Literate In Their Home Language

Eight Free Downloadable Children’s Books In Khmer – More On The Way (Maybe In Other Languages, Too)

New Study Finds VAM Is Biased Against Teachers Of “At Risk” Students

“The Platinum Rule” Is A Key To Effective Differentiation

Good Advice On Talking About Our Colleagues & Our Students

Extrinsic Motivation Strikes Out Again

Guest Post: “Co-Teaching Dos and Don’ts”

Ways To Encourage Our Students To Get Through “The Last Mile”

Guest Post: “PD in your Pjs: How to navigate #EllChat_BkClub on Twitter”

Good Video Showing How NOT To Manage A Classroom

New Study Finds That People Like You More If You Ask Questions

Interesting NY Times Interactive Shows What Occupations Share Similar Skills With Teaching