It seems like everybody’s doing “decade-in-review” posts (see The Best “Decade In Review” Compilations).

In fact, The Washington Post will be publishing my own review of the decade’s big education news in the next day-or-two, as well as my predictions for the next ten years.

In the meantime, I thought readers might be interested in seeing my blog’s most popular posts from this past decade. Note that I’m also continually updating and revising “Best” lists, so most posts look very different now from when I first published them.

Here they are:

1.After Spending $575 Million On Teacher Evaluation, Gates Foundation Says, “Oops”

2. List Of Knowledge Questions My TOK Students Are Using This Year For Their Oral Presentations

3. The Best Websites For Creating Online Learning Games

4. The Best Places To Get The “Same” Text Written For Different “Levels”

5. The Best Resources For Helping Teachers Use Bloom’s Taxonomy In The Classroom

6. All 2,200 “Best” Lists

7. The Best Sites For Learning About The World’s Different Cultures

8. The Best Online Virtual “Corkboards” (or “Bulletin Boards”)

9. The Best Popular Movies/TV Shows For ESL/EFL

10. The Best Sites For Teaching About Latitude & Longitude

11. The Best Places To Read & Write “Choose Your Own Adventure” Stories

12. Answers To “What Do You Do On The First Day Of School?”

13. The Best Spelling Sites

14. The Twenty-Five Best Web 2.0 Applications For Education In 2017 – So Far

15. The Best Sites Where Students Can Work Independently & Let Teachers Check On Progress

16. The Best TV/Movie Scenes Demonstrating A “Growth Mindset” – Help Me Find More

17. The Best Education Articles From “The Onion”

18. The Best Online Activities For Learning About Time Zones

19. The Best Multilingual & Bilingual Sites For Math, Social Studies, & Science

20. Make Your Own “American Chopper” Meme