As regular readers know, I’m a huge fan of Quizizz, the free and incredibly useful learning game tool.

You can search ‘Quizizz” on my blog, and you’ll see all the ways I use it, descriptions of all its features, and the numerous “Best” lists that include it.

One of the things I like most about it is that the question and and the answers appear on the same screen for students, which not only makes it easier to use, but it also lets students play in breakout rooms as teams.

Yesterday, they announced another potentially exciting development: Adaptive question banks that would mean students would see different questions in their quizzes based on their previous answers.

This new feature is particularly attractive because of what I wrote last month: What Works Clearinghouse Publishes Online Learning Research Review – Points To Adaptive Learning & Games.

I have to explore this new Quizizz feature further, but wouldn’t it be cool if it could integrate adaptive learning into games?

It would be sort of a “twofer” combining both the learning elements that the What Words Clearinghouse says seems to work best in online learning.