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The Best Tools That “Automatically” Create Presentations


There are a zillion good tools out there that let you create attractive presentations.

However, there are far fewer (though I expect their number to grow exponentially with the growing sophistication of Artificial Intelligence) that do much of the design work for you – automatically. They vary, but they either let you plug in the visuals and/or text, and then take it from there.

Here is what I know of so far – let me know what I’m missing:

Animoto is the granddaddy of them all, and I’ve used it often.

Here’s a post I wrote about another tool: Type Your Text Into “SlideBot” & It Automatically Chooses Layout & Images For Your Slideshow

And, of course, this one: Wow – “My Simple Show” Is An Extraordinary Tool For Creating Free Video “Explainers”

The latest one is from Playbuzz (I’ve written about that tool before: “Playbuzz” Has Become A Remarkably Versatile Free Tool For Creating Online Games & Presentations).

They’ve just announced their “Smart” video tool.  Here’s how they explain it:

Smart is the newest Playbuzz Video template. With more design options than ever before, Smart automatically matches the design and layout of your video to the content that you upload, whether it be images, videos, GIFs or text – while still giving you the option to customize the design to make sure your video has the feel and vibe that matches YOUR content.

Google announced that you can now have Google Photos automatically create music videos with your pictures.

Beautiful [AI] functions similar to other ones on this list.  And it’s free.

Here’s a video about it:

Wow, “Lumen5” Looks Like An Amazingly Easy Way To Turn Blog Posts & Articles Into Videos!

Rocketium Is Like A Video-Creation Tool For Dummies (& I Include Myself In That Description)

Okay, that’s all I have right now.  Other suggestions?

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