Thanks to the Los Angeles Times’ irresponsible decision to publicize the so-called “value-added” scores of teachers (see The Best Posts About The LA Times Article On “Value-Added” Teacher Ratings), it appears that New York City is hoping to do the same thing.

According to Gotham Schools:

The city’s Department of Education plans to give the ratings, which are based solely on test scores, to reporters this week.

According to sources familiar with the discussion, city officials are debating with the teachers union over whether to release the scores with or without teachers’ names attached. The union has announced that it plans to seek an injunction in order to halt the release.

Dana Goldstein also has a report, including a link to what a NYC value-added score looks like.

A San Diego school district official recently stated:

“Trust is a component that triggers academic success”

I guess the top people in New York City schools haven’t gotten that message…

(Here are links to stories from The New York Times and The New York Daily News)