I’ve been writing this blog for six or seven years. I thought readers might find it useful for me to dig back in the “archives” and highlight my choices for some of the best posts that appeared during that time.

This first collection — Volume One — comes from 2007 (and, in the case of some articles, even earlier):

The Best Of The Best — 2007: Here I brought together links to my first annual lists, along with highlighting the sites I ranked first in each category.

Intriguing Way To Learn Vocabulary: Trust me, you’ll want to try out the site I talk about in this post….

What Do You Do In The Computer Lab? is an article I wrote offering guidelines on how to handle a visit to the…computer lab.

Computers and Relationships Article is a piece I wrote about…using computers to strengthen face-to-face student relationships.

International Reading Association Award: In 2007, I was named grand prize winner of the 2007 International Reading Association Presidential Award for Reading and Technology. It was recognition for the ESL Computer Lab and Family Literacy Project we started at my school, Luther Burbank High School.

Home Computers & English Language Learning is a piece I wrote about that same project, as is International Reading Association Award.

Easy Online Film-Making: Students love this super-easy video-creation site.

Twenty Questions Game is about an online game that is sure to engage any student.

Fantastic Cambridge Sites! share some excellent websites for English Language Learners.

Teaching Is Organizing (Or Should Be) is an article I co-authored about my transition from community organizing to teaching.

Pointing and Clicking For ESL: Using Video Games To Promote English Language Development
is another article I wrote about this time.

Are We Making Bricks Or Building Cathedrals In The ESL Classroom?

Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There is a report I co-authored for the Ford Foundation.