The European Rosetta spacecraft has just arrived at its comet destination.

Here are some interactive resources on the mission:

European Spacecraft Pulls Alongside Comet is from The New York Times.

Rosetta spacecraft closes in on comet – interactive is from The Guardian.

‘We’re in orbit!’ Rosetta becomes first spacecraft to orbit comet is from CNN.

Europe’s Rosetta probe goes into orbit around comet 67P is from The BBC.

Rosetta spacecraft set to rendezvous with rubber-duck comet is from The Guardian.

For the First Time, Humanity Has Landed Something on a Comet is from The Atlantic.

The best photos from the Rosetta mission’s comet landing is from Vox.

Instruments on Rosetta lander Philae an infographic from The Washington Post.

Philae is stuck in a shadowy crater. Its battery is dying. What happens next? is from Vox.

Photos from the Philae landing: What a comet’s surface looks like up close is from Vox.

Philae arrival part crash, part landing is an infographic from The Washington Post.

‘Our Lander’s Asleep’ is from The Atlantic.

Rosetta mission: resources to help you teach children about space and comets is from The Guardian.

Rosetta comet sings loud and clear is from the BBC.

Rosetta mission: Can you land on a comet? is an interactive game from the BBC.

Will the Rosetta mission finally end our fear of comets? is from The BBC.


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