The most recent book that Katie Hull and I wrote, The ELL Teacher’s Toolbox (click on its book cover at the bottom of this post for more info), has become very popular.

In fact, it became so popular and useful to teachers immediately after its publication last year that we proposed to Jossey-Bass that it be used as a template for a series of books in each academic subject area to help teachers of English-proficient students, as well as ELLs. Katie and I would find the authors and work with them as editors through the writing process.

They agreed, and we approached contributors to my Classroom Q & A column in Education Week Teacher.

Three books in the series will be out early next year, and they are going to be terrific!  They are all written by educators who are teaching in the classroom now and, again, their focus is on “mainstream” students (however, each strategy will have sections dealing with ELLs and other student groups).

Elisabeth Johnson and Evelyn Ramos LaMarr are co-authoring the Social Studies book, and they are colleagues here in Sacramento at Luther Burbank High School.  Bobson Wong and Larisa Bukalov are co-authoring the Math book, and they are teachers in New York.  Tara Dale and Mandi White are co-authors of the Science book, and they teach in Arizona.

Though they’re not on Amazon yet for pre-order (I’ll be sharing more info in the coming months, including links, excerpts and interviews with the authors), here are the covers for the three books:



Here’s the cover of our book – click on it and you will find tons of free resources and excerpts: