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Here are new additions to The Best Advice On Teaching K-12 Online (If We Have To Because Of The Coronavirus) – Please Make More Suggestions!:

Powerful Learning Practice is offering a free Remote Learning Webinar Series.

Distance Learning Tips From One Teacher to Another is from PBS.

Ideas for adapting group lessons to working on Zoom is by Sandy Millin.

Slate talked about Scholastic’s BookFlix service….Scholastic has created a generic login and password (username: Learning20 / password: Clifford) to unlock access.

Parents and teachers scramble to keep education going now that school’s ‘out’ for spring is from The Sacramento Bee, and briefly mentions what I’m doing.

‘There’s no blueprint for this’: Students embark on an unprecedented remote learning plan is from The Washington Post.

Teachers who want to read-aloud children’s books online can run into copyright issues. Here are places where you can find videos of authors reading their own works, which gets around that issue:

Picture Books Read Aloud Videos for Lesson Use is from Pernille Ripp.

Authors Everywhere! is a great YouTube channel.