'Map, Middle East' photo (c) 2014, Iqbal Osman - license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

We’re going to start studying Asia in a few weeks in my Geography class, so here’s the latest installment in my Geography-related “Best…” series. I need to add a lot more here, and am very open to suggestions.

You can see all of them at The Best Geography Sites For Beginning & Intermediate English Language Learners:

Asian Countries Tutorial

Asian Countries Level One

Asian Countries Level Two

Many Asian Geography Games

Middle East Game

Middle East Level One

Middle East Level Two

Many Middle East Geography Games

Middle East Map Game

The Best Sites For Learning About China

A Collection Of “The Best…” Lists On Egypt & Beyond

The Best Resources On The One Year Anniversay Of Japan’s Earthquake & Tsunami

The Best Resources To Learn About The Indian Ocean Tsunami (On Its Five-Year Anniversary)

The Best Websites To Learn About The Hmong

The Best Sites For Learning About The Flooding In Pakistan

The Best Sites For Learning About The Afghanistan War

The Best Web Resources On The Iraq War

The “Best” Resources For Learning About The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Valley of the Kings

Talking About India

More Talking About India

Japanese Food

Tokyo, Japan

Talking About Japan

More Talking About Japan

Talking About China

Indus Valley

Egyptian Creation Story

Have Fun In India

India Game


The Four Friends — A Folktale from Bhutan

Chinese Fables

Chinese Story of Creation

Rani The Elephant

Kids Web Japan

India Tour

Thailand Stories

Laos Slideshow

Scenes from Indonesia

Scenes from India

Languages of Southwest Asia

Land Use and Products of Southwest Asia

This next one is from The World Of Travel Channel on YouTube, and they have lots of great videos about places throughout the world.

This next one is a part of a Lonely Planet Playlist that includes several other good videos:

This next video is part of a playlist from Overlander:

The Best Sites For Learning About India

The Best Sites For Learning About Japan

40 maps that explain the Middle East is from Vox.

The History Project is led by educators in Pakistan and India who have developed a website and textbook that show each country’s interpretation of their histories — side by side!

It’s similar to one developed a few years ago by educators in the Middle East:

The Peace Research Institute In The Middle East (PRIME) is an organization comprised of Israelis and Palestinians who have developed high school materials on the Middle East that are used in both communities. As a Newsweek article explains, each page is divided into three: the Palestinian and Israeli narratives and a third section left blank for the pupil to fill in. “The idea is not to legitimize or accept the other’s narrative but to recognize it..”