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The federal marketplace for health care insurance opens up on October 1st. I have a very extensive The Best Online Resources For Learning About Health Care Reform list (which covers how the new law works, the history of health care reform, and medical costs around the world), but thought readers might find it useful to have a list that just shares new interactives on how the law will work.

I’ll be adding more, but here’s what I have now:

Breaking Down The Affordable Care Act is from USA .

A Personalized Tour Of Obamacare is from The Wall Street Journal.

‘How Much Will Obamacare Cost Me?’ Try Our Calculator is from NPR.

State-by-State Premiums Under the Health Care Law is from The New York Times.

How does the Affordable Care Act help people like me? is from HealthCare.gov.

The Associated Press has an interactive.

Obamacare: Enrollment numbers and Medicaid expansion is from CNN.