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At least, for now, I’m going to make this a weekly feature which will highlight additions to THE BEST NEW – & FREE – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TOOLS THAT COULD BE USED IN THE CLASSROOM.

Here are the latest:

Presentation GPT looks like the best automatic presentation-maker I’ve seen so far. The slides it creates have far too much text on them, but they do include images (unlike others). Here’s one on teaching ELLs it made for me in seconds.

Chat Prompt Genius helps you develop…prompts for ChatGPT.  I’m adding it to THE BEST POSTS ON EDUCATION & CHATGPT.

Avatars.Ai lets you “talk” with “famous” people. lets you create videos with AI-created characters.

Trancy and Talkberry are two AI-powered language learning apps that you can try for free.

Comical is an AI tool that will create comic strips.  You have to request an invitation before using it now.  I did, and liked it a lot.  Depending on its cost and availability, I think it would have a lot of potential for classroom use. For now, I’m adding it to The Best Ways To Make Comic Strips Online.


Neural Frames lets you create text-to-animations. You can create one a month for free.

Lesson Robot uses AI to create lesson plans, and you can make your first five for free.

Brisk Teaching is a Google extension designed to detect AI writing.  I’m adding it to THE BEST POSTS ON EDUCATION & CHATGPT.

This tweet is not about a free site, but it is important AI news for schools, nevertheless: